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Fired up for food

Meat, fish, seafood and vegetables. Straight from the pasture, deep seas and fertile land. We cook our food on an open fire. The fire elevates each ingredient to an entirely new level, deepening and highlighting its exquisite natural characteristics. Our food is easy to share and enjoy together.

Brasa’s open fire is burning in the historic atmosphere of the Senate Square in the heart of Helsinki. Welcome!

We work intuitively, playing with fire.

Nothing but the best

Our ambition is clear: if something doesn’t meet our quality standards, you won’t find it on the menu. It’s as simple as that. How is this possible? We know the farmers who supply us with vegetables. We also know our suppliers of fish and seafood. They provide us with their best catch, every single day. We mainly purchase our meat from small farms. The products are carefully selected, and we dry-age the meat and fish ourselves. All our choices are guided by a burning passion to create the best possible result.

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Fire is a good master (and so is Severi)

Our work at Brasa is grounded in a deep love for our craft. The atmosphere is exciting, and the open fire is hot, but the real warmth is created by people – by us and our guests. I’m interested in people, and I like to get to know our guests. It’s important to me to take good care of our customers and personnel. I listen to what’s in their hearts, and I even solve relationship problems, if need be. I want everyone to feel welcome here, no matter whether they want to enjoy company or a peaceful meal. Our wine list and cocktail bar complement the mood. It’s all about the attitude: ambitious and passionate, but not fussy.

Severi Lukkarinen – Restaurant Manager and Head Sommelier

Smoke and fire

Fire is an incredible element, and an open-fire grill is the right kind of grill. When meat or fish is cooked on an open fire, its natural fat drips onto the charcoal, flares up and seasons the meat. When grilling vegetables, I use vegetable oils. New ideas keep popping up in my mind. During a walk, I may suddenly find myself looking at a tree, wondering what kind of aroma its bark would lend to food on a grill. We use Japanese binchōtan charcoal, with spruce branches for added flavour. Every detail counts. We combine grilled food with fresh taste sensations. It’s a good balance.

Taneli Korsiala – Head Chef

Brasa’s bar is on fire!

With great attention to detail, our cocktail bar serves both passers-by and guests. We have two entrances: straight from the street (Aleksanterinkatu) and from Brasa’s dining rooms. Our cocktail bar keeps up with the times – globally and locally. Our drinks reflect the season, with wonderfully strong, fresh and crisp flavours. The tomato in our Bloody Marys is grilled – even classics need to be updated sometimes. We believe it’s fair to say that Mikko Ilves, the host of the cocktail bar, is some sort of nerd: he has honed his skills and insight by making whiskey and gin himself, and he has also designed brewery products. Sit back, relax and let us take care of your evening!

For the love of wine

Our restaurant at Aleksanterinkatu 22 has the most gorgeous wine cabinet in town. Naturally, we serve classics such as Burgundy, Piemonte and Mosel, but true to its style, Brasa is not confined to traditions. Our experienced sommelier is innovative and finds the perfect pair for everything, be it a dish or a state of mind. We are always updating our wine selection with new additions, from classics to new natural wines, with great passion and expertise. Explore our selection and find your perfect match!



Aleksanterinkatu 22
00170 Helsinki



Monday from 5 pm to midnight
Tuesday to Friday from 11.30 am to 2 pm | 5 pm to midnight
Saturday from 4 pm to midnight


Monday to Thursday from 5 pm to midnight
Friday and Saturday from 5 pm to 3 am



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Tel. 010 505 0904